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Our product line

Precor - LifeFitness - Cybex - Startrac - Matrix - Trackmaster - ETC. - Premier MaintenanceFree Treadmill Running Decks

Premier MaintenanceFree Treadmill Decks

Made in the USA 

  • Commercial-Strength - designed for all commercial  treadmills  such as Cybex - LifeFitness - Precor - StarTrac Trackmaster - Matrix- and more
  • Made from the highest quality components with great workmanship providing optimal performance and longevity
  • All Premier MaintenanceFree Decks are 2-Sided
  • Designed to extend the Life of all Treadmill Run Belts 
  • Strongest & Longest-Lasting Treadmill Run Decks available in the industry since 1995
  • Only available here at Premier Belting

Precor - LifeFitness - Cybex - Startrac - Matrix - ETC. - Running Belt, Treadmill Walking Belt, PremierGlide Belt, Commercial Quality Treadmill Run Belt, Maintenance Free Treadmill Walk Belt

PremierGlide - Treadmill Running Belts


  • Superior Strength - 
  • Peerless Performance - 
  • Unrivaled Longevity -

  • PremierGlide Treadmill Run/Walk Belt Material is manufactured in Switzerland
  • Custom sizing and splicing is performed in the USA
  • PremierGlide Treadmill Run/Walk Belts  are of the HIGHEST Commercial-Quality available in the industry today 

  • Maintenance-Free - No treadmill belt lubrication required for the life of the belt, therefore no wax build-up on rollers or pulleys and no worries about belt burn-out
  • Designed for use with our Premier MaintenanceFree Treadmill Running Decks 
  • or OEM decks 


  • 35,000 miles 

when installed on our Premier MaintenanceFree 

Treadmill Running Decks

  • 30,000 + miles 

when installed on  OEM deck or lesser

Trackmaster - True Fitness - SportsArt - Vision - Matrix - Etc. -Treadmill Run Belt, Treadmill  Walk

Premier Poly-Style Treadmill Running Belts

  • Made in the USA
  • Commercial-Quality and Strength 

  • The Poly-Style Treadmill Running Belt MUST be maintained with Proper, Regular Scheduled Lubrication Services when installed on OEM treadmill running decks or lesser decks

  • When installed on OUR Premier MaintenanceFree Treadmill Running Decks Our Poly-Style Treadmill Running Belts are MaintenanceFree - i.e. NO lubrication services needed
  • Saving you time, maintenance cost while also extending the life of the treadmill running belts


  • 20,000 miles 

when installed on our Premier MaintenanceFree 

Treadmill Running Decks

  • 15,000 + miles 

when installed on OEM decks or lesser


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